When I go onto a writer’s blog, there is a little curiosity about who they are and why they decided to write. But for the most part, I really want to know one thing:

So I’ll cut to the chase and tell you yes. Yes we can. 
I’m Devon, and for future reference, I’m the writer in purple so you don’t get me confused with Cornwall. Also, look for the oxford comma; Cornwall doesn’t use that silly, superfluous thing. 
Cornwall and I began writing our current project, K-Love, about a year ago. Because we both have insanely involved lives, it took a long time for the idea to turn into words, which were then slashed and burned and edited nigh to death, which then turned into a coherent book that we now present to you as a project. 
All authors will tell you that they are passionate about their novel, and we are no exception. THIS SHIZ IS LIT, SON.* And because we really believe in the concept, we’re doing everything in our power to take it from draft to shelves so we can share it with readers who will enjoy it. We will catch you up on where we are in the publishing phase of our project in a later post, so for now, here is our not-introduction:
Hi, I’m Devon, and I’ve published two books (both small publisher and self-published because I like variety and torturing my self-esteem), and that was how I learned that being a writer is really, seriously demented, and it takes a certain kind of madness to want to do that for a living. And yet here I am. 
I have a Bachelor’s degree from BYU-I that I don’t technically use, and I’m married, so we can take flirting off the list of shameless tactics I might potentially use to get our book published. Oh, and I won writer of the year in 8th grade, and I won’t shut up about it. 
*I fully embrace the evolution of English vernacular. Unless you’re messing with the oxford comma, and then I’ll have to get snooty. 
I also have a Bachelor’s degree that I don’t use. Fair warning when you get those things.

I fell in love with Lee Min Ho and shortly afterwards EXO, when there were twelve members. I remember when Kris left and then Luhan. I was so distressed. Thank goodness Tao was never going to…NOOOOO! 

I really haven’t recovered but Kdramas are helping. I love them obsessively. They never fail to entertain and addict.

So…K-Love is all about L-O-V-E in the biggest way possible. It’s about loving k-dramas, it’s about romance and fun.

We hope you can’t put it down and that you want more, because we are planning more. Stay tuned!



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