Kdrama Beginner’s Tour: Sageuk


Stop 4

Wow, what a ride this has been so far! We’re nearing the end of our journey, and by now, you might be starting to feel a lot less new to Kdramas if you’ve watched any of the ones I have suggested! If you’re just joining us here at this stop, take a look at our gateway dramas, young love dramas, and action dramas!

For now, we will be delving into the Sageuk genre of Kdramas. These are usually set in the Joseon era of Korea’s history, which was anywhere from 1100 to 1900! I guess Korea didn’t change too drastically during that time, because the drama costumes stay pretty much the same. (At least to my untrained eye!) Once you get used to the get-ups, you will love all the interesting situations and historical facts you learn while watching these stories!

Sageuk (Historical) Dramas

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Try saying that ten times! This drama features a scholarly young woman who, out of necessity, must dress like a boy to stay safe. However, she accidentally gets tricked into enrolling in Sungkyunkwan University, and must keep her identity as a woman hidden from all her curious male roommates. If she doesn’t, she could lose her life. But if she keeps it hidden much longer, her best friend is going to start questioning his sexual orientation. The chemistry and fun of this drama is what got me hooked on Kdramas! It was my first ever Kdrama.

The Princess’s Man


Oh gracious, do I dare add this one?

I dare.

I know you are Kdrama beginners, but I have faith in your ability to be CONSUMED by this drama. It is a marathon of emotions, and you will feel every one of them in watching this drama. It is absolutely something you must add to your list when you are feeling ready to fall head-long into something sweeping, beautiful, and impossibly addicting.

I decided not to give you a summary of the plot, because I’m going to fail miserably. Just think Korean Romeo and Juliet.

Gu Family Book


Lee Seung Gi must have liked dating a Gumiho, because in Gu Family Book, he decided to be one! This Sageuk is more of a Fantasy, which is set in the Joseon time period, but tells the story of a young male Gumiho in search of his origins. The cast in this drama is off the chain! And the action, combined with the humor, romance, and adventure, really makes this one a winner! I even got my husband to watch this one with me!

As a bonus, look at the guy who plays his father.


Hubba hubba. Suzy can have Lee Seung Gi. I’ll take Choi Jin Hyuk any day!

The Great Doctor/Faith


I don’t get this drama’s title, you guys. I always knew it as Faith, but I keep seeing The Great Doctor, which totally makes more sense. I dunno. Regardless…

This drama rocks!! It was in my top five for a really long time, and is still in my top ten. Faith tells the story of a war general from the past who finds a rift in time to the future. His queen is dying, and he needs a doctor. So what does he do? He kidnaps one, of course! Fortunately she’s cute, she’s feisty, and she’s smart, so between the two of them, they manage to save the kingdom.

Also Lee Min Ho. Look at this guy. LOOK AT HIM.




Empress Ki



Alright, so I know that my drama suggestions are basically all about the guys. I realize that. But my friends, this drama is all about Empress Ki. All. About. Woman.

Her fierceness


Her cunning.


Her manipulation of man’s world, and her determination to survive.


The romance is there, don’t get me wrong, but it’s as much about a lowly servant rising from nothing to becoming the Empress of Goreyo as much as it is about who she gives her heart to. And that, she does not give easily!

If you want something epic, stunning, and gripping, then you must watch this drama. The performances are flawless, and the story is mind-blowing. The best part? It’s based off a smidgeon of historical fact. It will make you want to look her up, because her reality is almost as unbelievable as the drama.

Who better to round off our Sageuks than a strong queen? There’s my top five suggestions for historical Korean Dramas!

I realized as I was writing this post that I have so many Sageuk dramas that I love. I didn’t think I was a Sageuk super fan, but I might be, because I’ve seen a lot of them!

What are your thoughts on historical dramas? Any favorites?

Thanks for joining me on our fourth stop, and look forward to our LAST stop, where I finish us off with all my random beginner favorites. Have an awesome weekend!



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6 thoughts on “Kdrama Beginner’s Tour: Sageuk

  1. Great list of sageuk dramas! I’m working on a sageuk post myself, and it has several of these on it 🙂 Empress Ki and Gu Family Book are my favs from this list. The main one I still need to get to is The Princess’ Man since I only read glowing reviews of it. It is very high up on my insanely long watch list 🙂

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