GIF Review Shopping King Louis

It’s that time again!


That’s right! It’s time for a GIF review! Today, we are giving our thoughts on the popular 2016 drama, Shopping King Louis.


I had my reservations about this one, since “spoiled rich guy who shops too much” didn’t sound terribly appealing to me. And my fears were nearly justified when at first it seemed like Louis truly was just a spoiled, ungrateful weirdo.


But then. Oh, then, he lost his memories, and had to live with an impoverished young woman until he figured out who he was. That was when he unleashed his CUTENESS on me!


And Bok Sil unleashed her sweet, kind, generous, beautiful soul on me. Who else would take in a strange, homeless kid with a shopping addiction and no idea where he came from?


I spent the rest of the drama completely in love with both of them as they tackled the challenges of their past while trying to make enough money to survive in the present!


Then the side characters developed, and ALL their plot lines had me loling so hard:


The sad parts really did break my heart. Poor Louis! Poor Bok Sil! Poor Halmoni!


But then just as soon as they broke my heart, it would be mended with a sweet Louis and Bok Shil moment that had me laughing out loud again.


I guess the one negative I might give is that while Louis was affectionate enough for the both of them, Bok Sil didn’t exactly invite “skinship,” so their physical chemistry suffered a little bit. Just a little.


But who the heck cares. Look at how adorable they are:



Also the way that Louis reacted to bugs lol



All in all, two big thumbs up from me! This drama made me super happy!


I guess I’ve really been in the mood for those sweet, sugar rush dramas lately! This definitely fit the bill, and while it did have moments where it slowed down a smidge, or it suffered from Kdrama filler scenes, it always picked right back up. And best of all, it endedΒ so nicely, with loose ends tied up, and happily ever afters established. Yay for fluffy love!

I would highly recommend this drama, so add it to your watch list!

Peace out, drama fans.





15 thoughts on “GIF Review Shopping King Louis

  1. I was so excited to see your GIF review for this drama! I have so much love for Shopping King Louie that it’s ridiculous! It was my fav drama in 2016. I completely agree. So much happy, sweet and fun plus heartwarming with tender moments and the best couple ever. They are seriously too cute!


  2. I’m so incredibly behind on all the blogs I’m reading. That sneaky, pesky real life thing is such a buzz kill sometimes. Sigh. But anyway, I’m so, so happy that you gave this one a shot and ended up enjoying it. The plot line of the story sounded unappealing to me initially, so I didn’t start this drama until it was about halfway through. And then Louis and Bok Sil just stole my heart with their cuteness… Louis especially.


    1. I loved him so much, I went right to Reply 1997 to get a Louis fix, haha! But of course, Reply 1997 is turning out to be a huge winner for me, too. Totally get the pesky life thing! I’m shocked at myself for having blogged this regularly at all…


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