GIF Review Beauty and the Beast


Quick consensus: A thrilling Fantasy with perfectly cast characters and charming songs to tie the story together.

This one is for all my non-K-fans, since I know pretty much everyone has gone to see this movie, and if they haven’t, they’ll likely get roped into it by well-meaning, but rabid family and friends anyway.


Okay, here we go! My expectations for this movie:


Which were quickly met with that AMAZING beginning sequence with the dancers, and the dresses, and the singing, and the glam:


Emma Watson’s endearing, but so very autotuned first musical number:


Gaston and LeFou as perfect cartoon incarnations:


The Beast’s CGI:


EVERY musical number:


How they made the Beast charming, intelligent, witty, and 100% worthy of Belle’s love:


All the added songs, backstory, and character building they put in to flesh out the original:


That moment when the Beast got all hot at the end:


And basically every moment of this movie, which was tastefully recreated to compliment the wonder of the original, while still adding depth and creativity to stand on its own:


Thank you, Disney, for bringing my favorite story to life! I left that theater grinning like the crazed fan that I am, and I look forward to watching it again when it is released on DVD!

What did you think of the movie?

Hope you have a magical week!


P.S. But for real, if they were going to autotune Emma that hard…why not just get a dub voice for the singing parts?



9 thoughts on “GIF Review Beauty and the Beast

    1. It’s a pretty obvious sound that one notices as she’s going from note to note. I’m also fairly certain she doesn’t naturally have vibrato, and they sort of…superimposed it at the end of her notes in a way? They basically dubbed her with a computer enhanced version of her own voice. Once the soundtrack comes out, and you can hear the full version, I’m sure you will notice it, too!


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