Man Candy Monday: Park Hyung Sik

Today’s eye candy is inspired by my love of the currently airing show, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It will be ending this week, and I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to these characters! Regardless, I felt like actor Park Hyung Sik needed some spotlight love.

Also I need to ogle him. Let’s do this.

First of all, Park Hyung Sik is a real life chaebol. It’s like he walked out of a Kdrama and onto our computer screens right here.


And even though he’s a new actor, it hasn’t taken me long to become a fan of his. One fantastic role as a lead chaebol (now we know why he pulls it off so well), and I’m smitten. You don’t mind if I post gratuitous beauty shots of you, do you, oppa?


See? You heard the man. MOAR PICTURES!



He looked good in his Sageuk gear too, even if I didn’t manage to finish Hwarang.


All in all, I’d say that Park Hyung Sik is the cutest kind of man candy imaginable. He’s like the gummy bears of K-actor-land. *squish squish*


Can we please get the cutie more lead roles? #Kthnxbye



22 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Park Hyung Sik

  1. I really liked him in starting few episodes of hwarang as well as in Strong woman but as more episodes are out no!.. I am already over with strong woman when just 2 epi are remaining. I think I get over drama when the couple are together, confess etc.


      1. It had that crime thriller plot so I continued watching it. Now just two epi remaining. I don’t know what to watch after that. I have watched 6 episodes if a liar and his lover but it’s not that interesting.


      2. Same, I also rewatched few old favorites and binge watched drama Scent of the woman. it’s the only drama I finished in last 2 months. Do you know about kdrama amino app?

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  2. Apparently, I had seen Park Hyung Shik in several supporting supporting roles but hadn’t really taken notice of him. But I just finished watching him in Hwarang, and he definitely caught my attention! He was fantastic! And today I’m finally about to start Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, so let my excitement continue šŸ™‚

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  3. Looks like I’m joining the noona club as well! I have a serious sweet tooth for Park Hyung Sik. He keeps slaying me over and over and over again in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. So cute. So emotive. I’ll be so sad when it’s over this week. Ottoke?!

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