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Chase has been set up. Her mother’s unhealthy obsession with Korean romance dramas has led to a blind date who happens to be Korean, and although his picture is incredibly gorgeous, Chase is more focused on her art studies than potential relationships. Ironically, the blind date goes well, and she has to admit her mom’s judgment isn’t that bad.But romance isn’t something you can script, and although Chase likes the heart stopping Daniel Bak, she finds herself crossing paths with enigmatic Hyun Tae. A reserved bioengineering student, he is the only one who can help her when she accidentally discovers that a professor is stealing research. Hyun Tae becomes her ally and her protector as she is targeted by his own father’s company.

Not only that, but her perfect blind date has been hiding the fact that he is a famous pop star from Korea, with a rabid fan base that could shove her into a spotlight she can’t afford to be in. Balancing her interest in the charismatic Daniel and the driven, yet quiet Hyun Tae, Chase must work with both of them to extricate herself from problems that are a world away from the life she used to have.

Despite all her efforts to stay away from drama, it has found her, and it looks a lot like the Korean dramas her mom can’t stop watching.

K-Love will be released in Summer 2017! Make sure you subscribe to our blog to get the updates on official release dates!

Also, check out an excerpt shared on this blog post to find out more about Chase and Hyun Tae.


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