What We’re Watching: April

It’s been a while since I did one of these! There’s a lot happening on the other side of this screen, so my Kdrama time has been cut down dramatically. However, we are still watching three dramas when we can!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I gave my first impressions on this drama, and they held strong! I’m still waiting anxiously every week for episodes, and my heart breaks at the thought that we are almost done. The humor in this romcom really made me cackle with glee, and although there are slow parts to the plot (those side characters, though…), I LIVE for the OTP moments when we get them.

My favorite part about this drama is how Min Hyuk reacts to pretty much everything Bong Soon does. He adores her. When she’s mad he wants to squish her, and when she’s upset, he wants to take the pain away. And a lot of times he actually gets overwhelmed with feels, and kind of fangirls about his supergirl. I can’t get enough of that!


It’s safe to say, that this is my favorite, currently-airing drama.

I also went back in time to discover…

Reply 1997

I’m almost done with this one! I immediately understood the appeal it has had for so many people, and y’all had me on board with the very first episode! I stalled because of life happenings, but I’m still averaging about two episodes a week, just like Do Bong Soon. It’s the first drama I run to when I have free time!

I’m almost done, and I can’t wait for the OTP to get over their…what is it…6 year spat? Dang that’s a long time to go without talking to each other. Ah, youth.


Other than the actual storyline, which is geniusI have to admit that I laughed the most at all the hilarious Kpop fan girl moments. I relate so hard to that, you guys.


I will definitely give you all a detailed GIF review when I’m done with this little gem!

Last, and…well, yeah, least….

Radiant Office

I gave my first impressions of this drama when it first aired as well. It did pick up a little bit. Just enough to get me to come back this week. But time will tell if I make it all the way through this one. For the most part, my initial thoughts remain the same for this drama–there isn’t a lot of fun or hopeful chemistry to keep me interested. I kind of care about the office drama, but if they don’t give me some OTP soon, I might have to move on.


Sorry, oppa. I do love you.

And that’s it for now! There is a lot of “writer Devon” going on over here, so “Kdrama fanatic Devon” has to take a chill pill just for a little while. Won’t stop me from blogging about what I can manage to watch, though!

Oh, and Cornwall scored us EXO tickets for the end of this month, so I’M FREAKING EXCITED YOU GUYS AND I’LL TOTALLY TAKE PICS AHHHHHH.

See what I mean about the fan girling? Relate. So hard.

Catch you K-Fans later!



K-Love Official Cover Reveal!


The day is finally here!

You might have gotten pranked one or two times today, but we mean what we say when we are really, truly showing you our OFFICIAL COVER!

Our cover designer over at Kaye Photography did an incredible job putting this together for us! We had so much fun getting sneak peeks during the photo shoot, and then bouncing around ideas for the graphic design of the cover.

We wanted it to look fun and flirty, with a hint of “Korean drama” essence so it would be familiar to K-fans.

And of course, we want to hear your thoughts!

Without further ado, we present to you…


K-Love Tablet and Books

And here’s a bigger version:



We just love how it turned out, and think it will look fantastic on bookshelves! What do you think? Are you excited to read more about it?

We will be sharing the “back cover blurb” in a few weeks’ time, so make sure you’re subscribed to get updates! 

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us so far, and we look forward to launching this book very soon!

Do us a favor, and share with your friends! That’s how authors find readers. 🙂 Thank you, everyone! 

Cover Reveal Saturday, April 1st!

Hey there K-Fans!!

If you can believe it, the first round of edits on our book is done, and we will zing those back tot he editor by next week and having this K-Love train rolling! I’m SO EXCITED to show this book you to guys!!

As a start, we’ve got our cover reveal on April 1st, and it looks super amazing. It’s exactly what we wanted to convey a fusion between Korean dramas and romance novels! So make sure you head over here on Saturday to take a look and let us know what you think.


I’m off to get some editing done. *chugs caffeine*



K-Love March Update

Devon and Cornwall. FABULOUUUUSS

Hello K-Fans!

I wanted to make a little update about our AMAZING Kdrama book, K-Love. Since we decided to publish this book on our own back in January, we have been busy bees getting it prepared. It takes a lot of work to get a book from a word document and into your hands, so thank you for being patient with us!

Right now, our manuscript is in the hands of a highly capable editing team. They will fine tune our writing and syntax so the whole thing flows from front cover to back. We want to make sure you get as absorbed in this book as you would a Kdrama you are binge-watching!

Our cover is also in its final stages. It’s taken a little tweaking for that to be just right, but again, we want to make sure we have a flawless product before you present it to you.

Right now, we are looking at a release date in June...maybe July. It all depends on how quickly our editors can smooth everything out.

We will be giving you advance reader copies (or ARC’s) to a handful of lucky bloggers so we can get their thoughts on the story, and help to spread the word! That will happen in April or May if all goes well.

The one date I can give you definitively is a COVER REVEAL on April 1st! It’s no joke. And you’d be a fool to miss it 😉 So make sure you’re subscribed to our blog here to get the update!

As always, please spread the word about our book so that other Asian drama watchers can get hyped up about it! We really want this to be a success so we can write more of them, and make the literary genre K-Rom a worldwide phenomenon!

Thank you so much for following along with us, and have a fabulous weekend!


Happy New Year! A Year of Queries


It boggles the mind that one year ago my writing partner and I were prepared to have K-Love published, and began sending out queries. A whole year has gone by, and we have been at the mercy of agents’ and publishers’ timetables as they reviewed our work over the course of twelve months. And as this is a natural time for self-reflection, here is what I have observed and experienced throughout that year:

–Selling your work to other people is like convincing a toddler to take a nap. Oh, sure, you might get lucky one day, and all the words that you artfully prepared ahead of time will just happen to snap in their brain, and they will chance to be in the mood for a nap, and find your suggestion agreeable. But more likely, no matter what kind of words you use, and how you frame the argument, they’re not going to be down for it. 

–Our pitch really is very good. We have about 40% of agents ask for a full manuscript after reading our pitch. I feel like those are promising numbers, but so far our book just hasn’t hit a chord with anyone. The reason our pitch is good is because we spent money to make it that way! Seriously. We paid for Cornwall to go to a writer’s conference a year ago, and she honed our query into the best-sounding nap proposal imaginable. BUT

–Even if your pitch is good, and your book is well-written, you’re still going to need patience. We’re trying to have that. It’s hard when we just want to share this book with fans who will love it. 

–This whole thing feels like the Domino’s Delivery Tracker. 


1.) We came up with the idea. Fun! Scrumptious! 

2.) We planned for months and months–this was a new category, and we wanted to take Kdramas and put them into book form as precisely as we could. 

3.) We wrote the book. That was great, and took longer than I anticipated because of life, but the creativity flowed! It was brilliant. Can you smell the delectable aroma of freshly baked romance? 

4.) We edited or “packaged” the book, which was grueling, as I’m sure you’ll know if you’re a writer. Like the box guy getting a paper cut from the pizza box, we sliced ourselves up and carved that book into a clean, presentable product. 

5.) And here we are, stuck at “delivery.” We want to deliver this book to millions of Kdrama fans out there but we CAN’T, because we can’t convince the delivery guy that it’s worth delivering. It’s an upside-down world where the delivery guy who is supposed to work for the creators of the product holds all the power, and no matter how well-done that pizza book is, we have to spend years finding a delivery guy who will be willing to hand it off. 

And that leads me to my last reflection:

–Maybe self-publishing really is the road for us. Why should we convince the delivery guy to take the pizza to you when we’ve done all the hard work already? It’s ready. We have a cover. It’s well-edited (although we’ll get a good copy editor, to be sure), and we know how to format books for sale. It’s not like we don’t know how. 

This week, we roughly planned our second installment, K-Pop, and more than anything, we just want to start getting these out there for everyone to enjoy. 

What do you think, K-Fans? Do we wait for Harper Collins and another agent who currently have our manuscript, or should we go for it and publish this book?


Between Worlds

Between Worlds


As a new writer, publishing a book seems straightforward enough. Write a book, smooth it out, and send it to publishers who might want it. I know for me, I had these visions of a crisp, typed manuscript, hot off the printer and lying in a tidy little stack with a piece of twine tied in a bow at the top. I would put that in a crinkly manilla envelope, ship it lovingly off to Penguin, and get an acceptance letter some days later, like I was being let into Hogwarts. 

The reality is so much more sobering. Even the “traditional route” fantasized above is a whole different beast than it would first appear. To be traditionally published, there are avenues to consider–obtaining an agent beforehand, going to expensive conferences to meet publishers and editors face-to-face in the hopes of getting a foot in the door, blindly sending queries to publishers (if they even let you, which they usually don’t), electronic submission, snail mail submission, full page synopsis, or query only. The list goes on and on, and as one enters the myriad of choices for finding a shelf home for one’s baby book, it really does begin to feel just as overwhelming as new parenthood. 

And then there is self-publishing. There are entire books, entire blogs, entire lives dedicated to this exciting and really, no longer new publishing world. Self-published authors are taking over the space and time existence of the print world, and the nuances involved in doing it correctly take serious study. 

So where does that put us?

The not-so-simple, but entirely truthful answer is that we are between the two worlds. I have had my first book traditionally published by a small publisher, and I have self-published another. Cornwall has self-published two books. I personally preferred the traditional method, as it was less work for me, and I felt more “established” as an author. But I also know that it’s a tough game getting a book traditionally published, and I’m not blind to the possibility that self-publishing will actually be better for our series!

K-Love was finished earlier this year, sometime around March. We gave it to “beta readers,” who gave feedback, and we even paid to attend a conference that would perfect our book pitch. (In case you are wondering, YES it totally did, and it was worth it.)

With our book finalized and well-edited by both of us, we began sending out queries. 

To date, we have received four manuscript requests out of the dozen or so queries we sent out. We were a little more cautious, a little more picky about who we sent this book to. It’s a niche market (more on K-Love here), and sort of a new category. Korean dramas brought to the pages of a book. 

Three of those full manuscript requests have come back as a no-go. Which was heartbreaking, I won’t lie about that! One said it was too New Adult for her. Another said the voice didn’t have enough inner dialogue. I forget what the third one said. Our fourth was just sent last month, so we have a while to wait before that comes back, I’m sure. And just this week, we have sent it to Harper Collins, which was a request made by an editor who read a bit of it at the conference Cornwall attended. We had wanted agent representation before we sent it off to the big dog Harper Collins, but we felt like we were running out of time. So off it went! 

And that’s why we’re in-between. We are creating an online presence here on our blog and our social media platforms so we can get to know all of you, our writer friends, our Asian drama friends, and anyone who lives in this strange world with us. We will continue to look for representation and traditional publication, but we are also open to self-publishing if need be. 

Because in the end, all we want is for you to read K-Love!

It’s a fantastic novel, full of humor and romance, and a good sprinkling of action. It’s everything people love about Korean Dramas in the cozy goodness of a romance novel. 

So there you have it. That’s who we are, and that’s where we are at as authors, bringing you this blog, and this book, and any future projects we will write together. Our updates will be about queries we’ve sent, rejections (acceptances?? MAYBE?!) we receive, and any plans to go ahead and self-publish this hot biscuit out there. 

I don’t know why I called our book a biscuit. I’m hungry. 

Peace out, K-Fans!