Man Candy Monday: Ji Chang Wook


This guy right here made my heart swoon. I still get a little flutter every time I look at him.

Ji Chang Wook stole my heart in “Healer,” which is one of my top dramas ever, actually. I can’t tell you why I loved it so much, but I’m pretty freaking sure it had something to do with that


And that


And a ‘lil bit of this


This is where I’m supposed to insert a comment about his personality, because beauty is within. And it is. But I don’t know him personally…so all I know is he’s hot. And a great actor. And I appreciate the art that is his adorable face.


Also that finely sculpted body of his. YOWZERS


That’s what I call fine art.

Word is, he will be joining the army this year, but before he goes, I know he’s been cast in a new drama, “Watch Out For This Woman.”

And that makes me want to do another Kdramas Renamed post. What kinda name…

Well anyway, I love this guy, and can’t wait to see another drama or two before he disappears for two years! We love you, oppa!


What a great start to our week, huh? Everybody, FIGHTING!



5 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Ji Chang Wook

  1. O.M.G!! I’m late on this but just had to comment. That first picture is probably one of my FAVORITE pictures of JCW! (That and any picture where he is shirtless. I’m not gonna deny that he has one beautifully, perfected bod!)


  2. OMG…our dashing JCW! Thank you for sharing yummy photos of him. Eye Candy indeed! Waiting for his new drama “Suspicious Partners” (from Watch out from this Woman) which is a rom-com. Fighting Wookie!


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